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Adult ADHD Assessments

A comprehensive ADHD assessment takes at least 2 sessions to complete with an accredited, clinical psychologist. 

How does an adult ADHD assessment work?

    1. An initial appointment to assess your eligibility for testing
An initial ADHD assessment appointment is approximately 50-minutes in duration and allows your psychologist to undertake a detailed history and examination to assess your eligibility for the assessment. If you have a valid Mental Health Care Plan, you can use your plan to access Medicare subsidised fees for this initial appointment.
    2. Data collection following your initial consultation

If your psychologist deems you eligible for an assessment, you will be provided with comprehensive paperwork which will need to be completed prior to your main assessment. These are completed by you, as well as your primary support network, and will allow your psychologist to collect important information to support your assessment. 

This may include corroborative sources of information, screening tools, and medical investigations.

    3. A main assessment appointment
The main ADHD assessment appointment is approximately 50-minutes in duration and involves a review of the data collected after your initial appointment.

It also involves a further in-depth history and examination in the context of your collected information. 
This appointment attracts a private, non Medicare rebatable fee. Please click here for information about ADHD assessment fees.

    4. ADHD assessment report

Following your main appointment, your psychologist will spend an additional 2-3 hours collating the collected data and preparing a report which will be provided to you. If applicable, this report will include an official diagnosis.
Does an ADHD assessment guarantee a diagnosis of ADHD?

No, undertaking an ADHD assessment does not guarantee a diagnosis of ADHD and is dependent on your individual circumstances. 

Will my psychiatrist accept an ADHD diagnosis from a psychologist?

Testing by a psychologist may mean that your assessment and diagnosis is not accepted across other clinical specialties, such as psychiatry. Please contact your psychiatrist directly prior to booking in for an assessment to ensure that you will not be required to undertake secondary testing with them. 

ADHD Assessment Fees

Find out more about ADHD assessment fees here.



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