COVID-19 Drive Thru Respiratory Clinic

 January 2021 - UPDATE  

Testing availability

During periods of peak demand we have been working hard to add extra appointments to the Double Bay Drive Thru Respiratory Clinic. We hope you will be able to book an appointment, but we sincerely apologise if you are unable to get your desired appointment time.

Why is there a gap fee?

The Double Bay COVID-19 Respiratory Drive Thru service is run by General Practitioners which means if you have respiratory symptoms and need to see a GP, you can book an appointment at the Drive Thru for all your healthcare needs. It is a COVID safe alternative to a consultation inside the clinic as normal.

A consultation includes a respiratory review and a COVID-19 test (where clinically indicated) and any other treatment that may be required including scripts.


A GP consultation gap fee applies to all Double Bay Doctors Drive Thru appointments, however, there is no additional charge for COVID-19 testing, if required.

The Health Minister Brad Hazzard has recently called out pathology testing services who have been charging laboratory costs for undertaking COVID-19 testing.


These comments have caused some confusion about General Practitioners charging a gap fee for GP consultations which may include a COVID-19 test.


Double Bay Doctors supports the Health Minister's drive for free access to COVID-19 pathology testing and we do not charge fees for COVID-19 pathology testing. Double Bay Doctors is a private billing medical practice and in line with NSW Government guidelines, we charge a gap fee on GP appointments.

Although the The Double Bay Drive Thru Respiratory Clinic has received no Government funding, it has received endorsement directly from NSW Health, the Central and Eastern Sydney Practice Health Network and Woollahra Council.


For more information please click on the this google hyperlink 'How much does a COVID-19 test cost?'


What to know after you have had a COVID 19 test

Please refer to the NSW Health brochure for more information here

How long will it take to get my test results?

24 to 48 hours.

You should receive a secure SMS with your results within 24 to 48 hours of your COVID test.

Please note that we do not process pathology on-site. Because of this, we are unable to offer rapid testing like the major hospitals.

This is the case for all drive thru clinics in NSW

We're continuing to work to around the clock to respond to the current situation. Please be kind to our staff, they are doing their very best to support you. We're all in this together.


Please note: When you book your appointment, please make sure you select the correct date and time. We have experienced patients booking multiple appointments weeks in advance which reduces the number of available appointments for other patients. Thank you!

This service is currently the only by-appointment, drive thru service led by General Practitioners in the Eastern Suburbs. We offer a comprehensive service including respiratory examination, COVID-19 testing and secure SMS results notification. Follow up care will also be provided by General Practitioners post consultation.


How it works

The COVID-19 Drive Thru Respiratory Clinic (Drive Thru Clinic) is suitable for patients of all ages experiencing fever or respiratory symptoms who want to see a doctor. Respiratory symptoms include sore throat, cough, shortness of breath and/or nasal congestion.

Please note you are welcome to attend the Drive Thru Clinic in person, without a car.


Comprehensive, appointment-only service:

  1. Drive Thru Clinic: Examination, COVID-19 testing (where applicable), follow up care including scripts, if required.

  2. Results follow up: You will receive an SMS result within 24 - 48 hours confirming your test results. If you continue to have symptoms we encourage you to make a Telehealth appointment with your doctor for review. Please ensure you adhere to NSW self isolation guidelines until your result has returned.

You will REMAIN IN YOUR CAR for the duration of your consultation.


If clinically indicated, you may be asked to leave the car to be examined inside a marquee shelter beside your car. Most children under 7 years will be asked to leave the car with a caregiver for their examination.

Walk through our COVID-19 clinic in the video below:



Instructions and information for patients attending the Drive Thru Clinic

Please click here for important instructions to read BEFORE attending the Drive Thru Clinic

Drive Thru Clinic opening hours

Monday - Friday 8.30am to 1pm

Saturday - Sunday 8.30am to 11.30am

Drive Thru Clinic fees

The Double Bay Doctors Drive Thru Clinic is currently the only by-appointment, drive thru service led by General Practitioners in the Eastern Suburbs. 

There is a $45.00 gap fee, after your Medicare rebate, for Drive Thru Clinic consultations.

At the time of booking, you will be required to enter your credit card details and your credit card will be debited $83.20 on confirmation of your appointment. You will receive your Medicare rebate within 3-5 business days following your appointment.

Pensioners will be bulk billed. Pensioners who wish to book into the Drive Thru Clinic will need to call reception to make an appointment.


For patients without Medicare, consultations incur a private fee of $83.20.

Where is the Drive Thru Clinic located?

Jamberoo Lane, Double Bay.

  1. Entry to Jamberoo Lane, is from William Street, Double Bay.

  2. Note that Jamberoo Lane is located adjacent to the Cross Street Council Carpark in Double Bay.

  3. There is no access to Jamberoo Lane from Cross Street whilst the Clinic is in operation.

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Changes or cancellation to your Drive Thru Clinic consultation

If you wish to change your appointment, please provide more than 3 hours notice.


You can manage your appointments at anytime with the AMS Connect app. For information on how to download the app, click here.


At this time, we are unable to provide refunds for cancelled or missed appointments.​


I don't have a car, can I still attend the Drive Thru Clinic?


Yes. Please wear a face mask, and present to the check in point in Jamberoo Lane at your appointment time. 

Will I have to get out of my car?

No. The majority of patients will be examined inside their car. Patients under 7 years old may be required to get out of their car with their caregiver. There is a dedicated area for examination out of the car, if this is required.