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General Practitioner

Dr Georgie East developed her love of the outdoors growing up in the mountains of New Zealand. It was there she decided to pursue General Practice with a special focus on Travel, Expedition and Remote Medicine.


Georgie has spent time working for the Royal Flying Doctors and providing medical care to Expeditions in Antarctica, the Arctic and the Himalayas (to name a few).


With a growing young family, she has developed a love of paediatrics and finds that her young patients brighten every day. Georgie also has a strong interest in Women’s Health, in particular pelvic pain and endometriosis. She has a deep appreciation of the positive impact that good management of these common (and often misunderstood) symptoms can have on women’s quality of life.


Georgie takes a collaborative approach to medicine, listening to patients, their concerns and their health goals. Georgie sees her role as helping educate patients, allowing them to own their own health, feel in control, and be well placed to achieve optimal health outcomes.  

Wed 8.15am - 1.15pm Fri 8.15am - 1.15pm