Men's health in your 50s

Health risks increase in your 50s, especially if you've neglected your health in the past.


If you don't already have one, find a GP you feel comfortable talking to.

Make an annual health check with your GP an essential goal each birthday. 

Talk to your GP about:

Your family's medical history

Type 2 diabetes risk

Weight, height and waist measurement

Blood pressure

Screening for bowel cancer

Prostate cancer risk 

Your skin cancer risk - get those moles checked out

Your blood cholesterol and glucose

Mental health

Eye and hearing tests

Osteoporosis risk

Any erectile concerns

There may be associated risks with any family history of prostate or bowel cancer - discuss with your GP when you undertake your annual health check.


sexually transmitted diseases

...are more common than you may think and are on the rise in the 50s age group. Unprotected sex and genital contact can put you at risk.

Condoms don’t eliminate the risk but can drastically reduce them. If you are sexually active with more than one person have regular check-ups. Take care of yourself and your sexual partner.