Men's health over 70s

Keep moving! 30 minutes a day is considered an investment to your long-term mobility and energy levels. 

If you don't already have one, find a GP you feel comfortable talking to.

Make an annual health check with your GP an essential goal each birthday. 

Talk to your GP about:

Your family's medical history

Type 2 diabetes risk

Weight, height and waist measurement

Blood pressure

Screening for bowel cancer

Screening for kidney disease

Prostate cancer risk 

Your skin cancer risk - get those moles checked out

Cholesterol levels

Mental health

Eye and hearing tests

Osteoporosis risk

Any erectile concerns

Urinary incontinence concerns

Red Wall & Stairs

keep socially active

Being socially and physically active is also associated with reduced cognitive decline. Loneliness (perceived isolation) is associated with more than double the risk of developing dementia.