Midwifery consults

We are now offering midwifery consultations to support new mum's and their babies.

Qualified midwives Lara and Sam are passionate about providing mum's with friendly and helpful advice to support them through late pregnancy, birth and the early weeks of parenting.

Midwifery consultations are the perfect place to answer all your baby questions including breastfeeding, bottle feeding, reflux, colic, sleep, settling and more.

Midwifery consultations are 45 mins long, and are available on Mondays and Thursdays. A private fee of $110.00 applies.
If you require assessment by a GP during your midwifery consultation, for instance to review thrush or mastitis which may require antibiotics, your GP consultation will be bulk billed.

Antenatal support

+ Birth preparation
+ Getting ready for baby: what you need, how to prepare for breastfeeding and the first days and weeks of your newborn's life
+ Mother crafting: developing the knowledge and skill required for the care of babies and young children

Postpartum support

+ Birth debriefing
 Sleep & settling: what is normal? Should you wake a sleeping baby to feed them?
+ Creating a healthy routine for mum and baby in the early days
+ Adapting to life with a new-born
+ Developmental milestones: weight gain, 4 month sleep regression, introducing solids

Lactation support

+ Nipple damage
+ Tongue tie and lip tie
+ Positioning and attachment support
+ Mastitis

Meet our midwives here: