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At Double Bay Doctors we have a team of GPs with specialised training in the diagnosis, analysis and removal of skin lesions. Early detection is extremely important and regular self-examination is highly recommended. 

A 'skin check' is a comprehensive assessment and examination of an asymptomatic person (a person who does not have any symptoms) for any evidence of skin cancer.

Dr Ahmad Hasanien and Dr Alice Jiao perform advanced skin cancer procedures
including monitoring, diagnosing and treating complex skin lesions to achieve the best cosmetic result.

Who should have a skin check?

Australians with skin cancer risk factors are encouraged to have a skin check on an annual basis. Your doctor can talk to you about your level of risk and how to self-examine your skin. It's important to get to know your skin and how to identify significant changes. Skin cancers rarely hurt and are much more frequently seen than felt.

What is the difference between a skin check and an advanced skin check?

An advanced skin check is recommended for someone who is at a high risk of developing skin cancer, has multiple spots of concern, or who has moles or lesions of concern in places such as the face or neck. 

Skin cancer risk factors

+ A lighter natural skin colour
+ Skin that burns, freckles, reddens easily, or becomes painful in the sun
+ Blue or green eyes
+ Blond or red hair
+ Certain types and a large number of moles.
+ A family history or a previous personal of skin cancer

How often do I need to have a skin check?

The Cancer Council recommends adults check their skin and moles every 3 months. Those at risk should have a trained doctor examine them at least once a year. 

If required, most excisions and biopsies can be performed at Double Bay Doctors. These can be booked via our reception team following an initial skin check. Click here for further details on our procedure fees.

Skin checks


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