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Women's Health Physiotherapy

Double Bay Doctors offers a comprehensive women's physiotherapy service, which is dedicated to helping women of all ages with issues related to the pelvic floor, the pre and postnatal period, urinary incontinence, bowel dysfunction, pain during intercourse and more. 

+ Pregnancy back pain
+ Pelvic pain
+ Perinatal health
+ Post partum recovery
+ Abdominal separation
+ Pelvic floor dysfunction
+ Prolapse
+ Bowel dysfunction
+ Painful intercourse
+ Bladder leakage 
+ Pre | post GYN surgery
+ General neck, back, pelvic or hip pain

For information about Women's Physiotherapy fees visit our fees page.

Preparing your body for birth

Women's Physiotherapy focuses on preparing and strengthening your body for the journey of birth, and repairing and recovering after pregnancy.


Empower yourself with the knowledge and skills to ensure your pregnancy and childbirth is a positive experience.


What can you learn?


  • How to exercise safely during pregnancy

  • How to relieve pelvic and back pain

  • How to support and rehabilitate your stomach muscles and pelvic floor after birth

  • How to train and strengthen your pelvic floor


Why is it important?


  • Pelvic floor exercises in pregnancy can prevent incontinence and prolapse after childbirth.

  • Exercising in pregnancy is very beneficial, but not all exercise is safe for you and your baby.

  • To effectively treat pregnancy related pain. 

Meet our women's physiotherapist:


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