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+ Paediatrics 
+ Fertility and women’s health including hormonal changes e.g. menopause
Implanon insertion and removal
Copper, Mirena and Kyleena IUD insertion 
Preventative medicine
Mental health and wellbeing
+  RHW Antenatal Shared Care Accredited


+ Russian


MD, Dip Paediatrics, FRACGP

General Practitioner

Dr Eugenia Ponomoreva has been practising as a General Practitioner since 2012. 
Eugenia takes a holistic approach to her practice, and has a particular interest in paediatrics, having completed a Diploma of Paediatrics through the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network. She likes to develop long-term professional relationships with her patients and their families. She believes one of the most satisfying and rewarding aspect of her career is following her patients through life, especially from a young age and watching them grow.
As a registered Antenatal Shared Care provider with the Royal Hospital for Women in Randwick, Eugenia is passionate about pregnancy care, women’s health, and mental health. She enjoys spending time with her patients and prides herself on being an attentive and caring GP.
Eugenia also performs minor contraceptive procedures such as the Implanon and Mirena IUD.
Outside of work, Eugenia enjoys spending time with family, eating out, or reading a good book, as well as yoga and healthy eating. She also speaks fluent Russian.

Mon 8.15am - 5.30pm Wed - Fri 8.15am - 5.30pm Sat (alt) 8.15am - 2.00pm

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