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Health Assessments

At Double Bay Doctors we offer a range of health assessments for different ages and demographics. Standard gap fees apply for this service.


Between the ages of 45 and 49 years old is when, statistically, you have a good chance of showing signs of the development of any chronic diseases that are going to have a significant impact on your health and wellbeing later in life. At this stage in life, your GP may be able to make recommendations which, if adhered to, can help ensure that you avoid many of the health problems faced by your peers later in life.

This assessment involves a 30 minute consultation with our nurse, followed by a 15 minute consultation with your GP.

Patients are eligible for this assessment once between the ages of 45 and 49 (inclusive). Standard gap fees apply.


An Over 75 Health Assessment is a comprehensive assessment of your health and your physical, psychological and social function. It helps to assist in the early identification of care needs.

Patients aged 75 years and over are eligible for this assessment once a year

The assessment involves a 45 minute consultation with our nurse, followed by a 15 minute consultation with your GP. The assessment involves hearing and vision tests, blood pressure checks, questions about your nutrition, as well as your psychological and social health, and more. Standard gap fees apply.


Do you know what your risk of having a heart attack or stroke is? Having a regular Heart Health Check with your GP will help you better understand your risk of a heart attack or stroke.  
A Healthy Heart Check involves a 30 minute consultation with your GP, and covers discussion on health and lifestyle factors, as well as a range of tests to check your risk factors. 
Patients eligible for this assessment include non-ATSI patients aged 45 years and over, or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients aged 30 years and over. Standard gap fees apply.

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