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Weight Loss Advice

Double Bay Doctors offers a holistic lifestyle-based weight loss service to patients seeking advice for maintaining a healthy weight. 

Maintaining a healthy weight has positive effects on many aspects of a patient's health, with obesity being a leading cause of chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. 

For people looking to lose weight, it can be hard to know where to start. Not only are there numerous medications on the market claiming to do wonders, but there’s also plenty of confusing and contradictory weight loss advice to be found online or in magazines.

Your GP can play a key role in assisting you to formulate a personalised treatment plan, involving both lifestyle changes and pharmacological interventions.

Our experienced GPs work directly with our accredited dietitian Annaleise Collier to address your weight loss concerns in all aspects of your life.


1. An initial weight loss consultation runs for 30 minutes and involves:


  • Taking of your medical, social and family history.

  • An outline of the most current, TGA-approved weight-loss medications, and a discussion surrounding which may be the best for you. 

  • Taking of measurements, including height and weight for BMI calculation, as well as your blood pressure.

  • A referral to our in-house dietitian, Annaleise Collier.

  • Education on how to take or administer your medication (if prescribed). 

2. Follow up weight loss consultations run for 15 minutes.


  • Your GP will typically start you on the lowest dose of your prescribed weight loss medication, and as you slowly increase your dosage, you will require several follow up appointments with your GP.

  • Regularly following up with your GP ensures that you work together to find the dose that provides the best possible outcome for you.

  • The number of follow up appointments you require is dependent on several factors, including the medication you are prescribed. Please discuss this with your GP at your initial appointment.


Initial weight loss consultations attract a $220 gap fee.

Follow up weight loss consultations attract an $80 gap fee per consult. 
These fees do not include the cost of your medication. Please discuss this with your pharmacy.