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Clinical Psychology 

Our Clinical Psychology team specialises in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a wide range of emotional, behavioural and relationship issues. 
Our practitioners have a wide range of experience treating children and adults of all ages. Please refer to our practitioner pages for information about our Clinical Psychology team and areas of interest.

We offer a holistic, empathic and evidence-based approach to supporting clients using interventions such as: 
+ Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
+ Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
+ Mindfulness
Brief Solution Focused Therapy
+ Dialectical Behavioural Therapy 
After hours appointments

To ensure you can access support that fits into your schedule, we offer both face-to-face and telehealth consultations from Monday to Saturday and until 9.00pm Monday to Thursday.
Please refer to our practitioner pages for information about our Clinical Psychology team and appointment times.

Mental Healthcare Plans

You may be eligible for Medicare-subsidised mental health care treatment under a specialist Mental Healthcare Plan (MHCP).
If you are interested to know whether you can access Clinical Psychology support under an MHCP, please make an appointment with your GP to discuss your concerns and whether you are eligible.

For more information on Mental Healthcare Plans (MHCP) please visit our dedicated webpage here.

For information about Clinical Psychology Fees please click here


Couples Counselling
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Couple's Counselling

Like everything in life, nothing stays the same. Most couples at various stages of their relationships struggle with conflict or disharmony.  These issues can sometimes be resolved, but sometimes the feelings of closeness that you once experienced may start disappearing day by day.

Over time, you can start to move in different directions and what was once a connection slowly becomes a disconnection – a fork in the road.  

Your clinical psychologist will provide empathetic and caring support and counselling services to couples who are trying to navigate themselves back to a happier and better life.  

Whether you are a couple in crisis or you simply need some direction, Giulia will assist you in finding a way towards a better relationship with your partner.  
Mental Healthcare Plans

You do not need a Mental Healthcare Plan (MHCP) to access couples counselling. 


For information about Couple's Counselling Fees please click here


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