GP Telehealth Fees

Medicare has temporarily introduced bulk billed phone and video consultations (Telehealth). 

At this time, all patients with a valid Medicare card will be bulk billed for Telehealth consultations. ​

Telehealth consultations are available for new patients.

Three hour cancellation policy applies to all Telehealth consultations (or cancellation fee of $30 may apply).

Private GP Telehealth Fees

If you do not have a valid Medicare card and would like to have a Telehealth consultation with your doctor, you can book a private Telehealth consult.

​As private Telehealth consults are not covered by Medicare, they incur a cost of $85.00 (<15 minute appointment).


Daytime appointments

Monday to Friday 8.00am to


All standard consultations attract a $45 gap fee (after your Medicare rebate).

After hours

Monday to Friday 6.00pm to 9.00pm and weekends.


All standard consultations after hours attract a $55 gap fee 

(after your Medicare rebate).

All standard consultations on public holidays attract a $65 gap fee

(after your Medicare rebate).

Bulk billing

We offer Bulk Billing for all childhood immunisations, Pensioners and VET affairs Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm with a valid Medicare card.

Patients eligible for a Medicare rebate will receive their rebate into the bank account linked to their Medicare within 1-2 business days.


How to update your bank account details with Medicare:


  1. Online: 

  2. Phone: 132 011 (available 24 hours)

  3. Post: 

  4. In Person: At your local Medicare service centre

Procedure fees

Procedure fees

Please note all procedures require an initial consultation with your doctor to discuss complexity, cost and duration of your procedure.


The cost of your procedure is dependent upon the complexity and duration.


All procedures attract a private fee regardless of your age or concession.

Your doctor will inform you of which fee applies prior to your procedure appointment.

+ IUD Procedure - gap fee $180


+ Procedure Level 1 -  gap fee $60

+ Procedure Level 2 -  gap fee $80

+ Procedure Level 3 -  gap fee $110

+ Procedure Level 4 -  gap fee $220

+ Procedure Level 5 -  gap fee $330

We welcome patients and travellers without a Medicare card. 


Short Consultation

(5-15 minutes) - $85

Medium Consultation

(16-30 minutes) - $145

Long Consultation

(>30 minutes)  - $205


Specialist procedures (e.g IUD insertion, skin cancer removal/biopsy) attract an additional fee. The cost of your procedure is dependent upon the complexity and duration of your procedure. Please ask your doctor about which fees apply to your procedure. 

No Medicare?

Consultations on public holidays attract a $15 surcharge for patients without Medicare.

Payment options 

Payment options 

Double Bay Doctors does not accept payment in cash.

We accept EFTPOS and most major credit cards including Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Apple Pay.